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Data Center

Malaysia Cyberjaya 4 Data Center - Nexcenter

Malaysia Cyberjaya 4 Data Center is ideally located with low risk of natural disaster such as earthquakes and floods. Our highly reliable, low-latency, and large-capacity submarine cable, the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) provides high-speed network connections.

Cyberjaya 4 Data Center offers 64,000 ft2 of office space to satisfy all sizes of disaster recovery (DR) site and offshore needs. The data center is LEED Gold certification for its environmentally friendly design and highly secure and efficient operation. It also holds Green Building Index (GBI) certification, an evaluation criteria on environmental consideration of buildings in Malaysia.



Low-Risk Location
Fully Redundant
Green Certified
Total Outsourcing
Virtual Tour

The data center is located in Cyberjaya, a special IT district in Kuala Lumpur, where natural disaster risks including earthquakes and Tsunamis are extremely low and there is stable public infrastructure. In addition, Malaysia features lower electricity and labor costs than other Asian countries and is becoming popular as an ICT system hub, offshore center and backup site for disaster recovery in the APAC area.

A fully equipped office building is available inside the data center campus as a system monitoring center or business continuity planning (BCP) office. Communication lines between the office and data center racks are backed by generators for power source redundancy.

Cyberjaya 4 Data Center is a self-designed, purpose-built data center owned by NTT Communications. Generators and all the other facilities are fully redundant in 2N configuration to provide stable power even in a case of emergency.

Cyberjaya 4 Data Center is certified by "The Green Building Index (GBI)" which is an evaluation standard for green building in Malaysia.


In addition to network services, system integration (SI) services and operations services, Cyberjaya 4 Data Center provides office space and an operation center inside the data center campus. NTT MSC — the service provider — has been in business in Malaysia for more than 15 years and was the first foreign company to achieve the "Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)" a mark of world-class service and achievement and a gateway to a host of privileges granted by the Government of Malaysia to the business entities. The data center provides high-quality services and can respond to any kinds of IT requests.



  • Cyberjaya, Malaysia
  • 30-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport

  • Dual path
  • UPS in 2N configuration
  • Diesel generator in 2N configuration
  • Power supply to a rack: Up to 6 kVA
Air Conditioning
  • Air-cooling system
  • N+1 redundant configuration

Room Access

  • Pre-registration
  • Photo identification
  • IC card authentication
  • Biometric authentication
  • Anti-tailgating system
  • Escort by a data center staff
  • ISO 27001, PCI DSS, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Silver, GBI (Green Building Index ) certified
Other facilities
  • Meeting room, parking space, office space for customers

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